Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer

With the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer, you can now prepare your own deep fried recipes at home and save a lot of money and time that you’d spend going out for a take-out. With its robust variable temperature control and 1800 watt power, you can cook your food quickly and efficiently.

It has 0.5kg food capacity and an oil capacity of 2.5L that can make sufficient crispy chips for two friend’s dinner. It's not too big so it can easily stand on your kitchen’s countertop without occupying too much of your kitchen space.

Moreover, the variable temperature can be adjusted from 130-190 degree Celsius. The Cookworks Deep Fat Fryers also comes with a rise and fall basket, a permanent, removable odour filter, oil filter, and a cool zone to keep it cool for a longer period.

Consumer Reviews and Ratings

All products, especially consumer products, receive a fair share of user deep fat fryer reviews. Most of the products that are available online like the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer are guaranteed to receive an enormous amount of reviews especially from people who have had the opportunity to experience them first-hand.

Quite the majority of reviews on the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer are positive. This is an implication that a good number of consumers who’ve used this product were satisfied with its price. As such, I would say that the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer has a pretty high price-value ratio, which is a good thing.

Although not everybody would be satisfied with the small size of the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer, I’d like to report that a majority of past users commended its compact and portable nature. Also, some users like that it is compact, portable, and doesn't occupy too much space.

Judging from the reviews, a bigger percentage of people seems to enjoy the fact that this fryer heats up quickly and is easy to handle. The simple design makes life simple for busy people since there isn't much to do than to put the food in the bowl with the oil and set the optimal temperature. I will also add that it has a high safety rating and is relatively easy to store.

Outstanding Features of the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer

Variable Temperature:

This fryer is equipped with a variable temperature control which enables anyone to prepare their fries or any other recipe at their optimal temperature. One does not need a lot of hard manual reading before getting it up and wiping up their favourite recipes.

1800 Watts:

The Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer comes with such an impressive power rating that is almost unmatched in the small deep fryers’ category.

Pros and Cons of the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer

Easy to Use

One of the advantages of this unit is that it is not as intimidating as a pan on the oven and you can leave the lid closed while cooking. If you have used an oven before, you know how you have to go through a learning curve and pray every time you are cooking that you don't accidentally burn yourself with the hot pan. Unlike the oven which requires the user a long time of practice and interaction to learn how to use, this fryer is incredibly easy and simple to use.

It is Compact and Portable:

Despite the small size of the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer, it is convenient in the sense that a lot of space is saved in the kitchen without necessarily going through the inconveniences of a small appliance. Therefore, you will find this fryer overtly satisfying because it is the right fit; not too small and not too big. It is worth noting that this model would not work for you if you are looking to cater for a family, especially a large one.

Good for Making Small Batches:

Another advantage of this fryer is that it is a great choice for making small portions of deep fried recipes. This is a handy fryer especially for those who have the problem of overeating. The small portions will help you avoid overeating because you can only prepare a small batch at a time. If you are looking to buy a fryer for a large family, you may be disappointed because the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer’s capacity may not be sufficient. But if you are patient enough to prepare several small batches, then you can try the Cookworks Fryer.

Fits the Budget:

The price of this fryer is just right. It is a perfect fit for a person that lives alone and has a small kitchen. The fact that this fryer takes only one and a half litres of oil means that it is not only convenient but also economical if you stay alone. The basket is also designed to be suitable for one-person. And thanks to the filter on the lid, you can use the unit with the lid closed down without experiencing bad odour or rust. Many users have found the price to be a good one considering the high value of services one gets from using the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer.

It has a Lightweight and Simple Design:

This unit is likable for its simplicity. It is not out of place to want to transfer the unit from your kitchen to other areas of the house. I know some customers that have a dedicated area in their garages where they can use products like this, especially those that produce a lot of noise. During a big event, you may find yourself needing to move some of the kitchen items form the kitchen to be used outside. A lightweight appliance would come in handy in such an occasion. For this reason, the simplicity and lightweight nature of the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer makes it the best choice of a fryer.

Drawbacks of the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer

If you are an impatient chef, you may find that this unit takes a while to heat up completely. It requires as much as 8 minutes before it is fully ready.

While this may be crushing your excitement, you will generally get used to it. Moreover, you don't have to stand on and wait for it to heat up. Once you turn it on, you can handle other things and return to it once it is fully heated.