Delonghi Fryers

As a perfectionist, I often find myself doing a lot of research on any product before buying. I do this by doing some sort of background checks on a prospective brand just to establish its past performance. Although this might seem like more effort than necessary, it actually has more benefits than you can imagine. For starters, I get to buy the best quality of products. Secondly, I become some sort of a consultant for my family and friends whenever they are about to make a purchase. I consider the research on the Delonghi Fryers brand and the company’s background to a good investment of both time and effort.

Brand and Product Review

If you intend to invest in ​the best deep fat fryer UK, you won’t go wrong by choosing the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry which is not only affordable but also durable and high quality. With Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry, you won’t have to worry about the size of the unit or the food you plan on preparing. This is because the size inside is big enough to take care of an entire family’s meal. To bring it closer to you, the fryer's size is as big as a medium-sized pan used on a stovetop except that the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry is deep.

The Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry is one of the fryers that promote natural and healthier cooking with its low-oil frying capabilities. Unlike the commercial deep fat fryer, it uses significantly less oil so which means one can have their chips without the guilt of messing up their health.

Using the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry is not limited to making chips. There is a whole range of other recipes you can try which includes and not limited to curry, risotto and a whole lot of other frozen and fresh foods. This means you won't think about buying additional units to cater for the need to try out a new recipe.

Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry

Stand out Features of the Product

Surround Heating System Technology:

Thanks to the Surround Heating System (SHS) technology; you can keep your fried food tasty and juicy inside but crispy on the outside. The technology uses both upper and lower heating to ensure your food cooks faster while saving that savoury texture and taste. Since the technology heats up below and above, there is an even circulation of air which makes your food to be evenly cooked.

The Timer:

In addition, the fryer features a timer that makes cooking easy. Although most people are familiar with the concept of using a timer on a kitchen appliance, they will hardly notice the absence of one. However, the absence of the timer can actually spell the difference between well-cooked, tasty food and one that is rancid. With this timer, you are leaving the harder part to the fryer while handling the smaller and easier part. Just put the food in the bowl, add oil specified by your recipe, set the appropriate temperature and you are good to go. The timer has a maximum of 99 minutes at which stage most of the food is done. You can not only save time when preparing food but also easily multitask which is handy especially when you are busy.

Non-stick Coating:

The bowl on the fryer is non-sticky so that removing food crumbs is easy and quick, thus making the cleaning task simple for you. Since no food will stick to the bottom after cooking, you can easily dedicate the cleaning task to your children when you are busy without worrying about them not cleaning the fryer appropriately.

Removable Paddle:

The fryer equally features a removable paddle that allows you to cook delicate food like fish without resulting in the disintegration of the muscles and flesh after cooking. Moreover, you can carry out other tasks while the static paddle mixes the food for you.


The timer, lid, paddle, and bowl on the dryer are dishwasher safe too. And if you are a recipe fanatic who likes to try out new and unique recipes, you can get the Delonghi Recipe App, which you can easily download after getting your hands on the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry.

Pros and Cons of the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry


It is suitable for one or two people

Whether you are buying for yourself or have the intention of using it with your partner, you will find that this fryer has all the needed features and capabilities to serve you.

Cooks a wide range of recipes

You can enjoy chips, chicken, bacon, chops, and baked potatoes with your significant other. And thanks to its versatility, you can replace your oven with it since you can put almost anything that can go into a conventional oven into the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry.

It is easy to use

Although it doesn't grill, you will be able to enjoy a whole lot of other cooking. The product is so simple and easy to use that you can actually use it without the integrated timer (which is removable). The fryer stops when you open the lid to inspect the progress of what you are cooking and automatically switches off once your food is done. If you are looking for a fryer that is not only high quality but also delivers, this is it.

Comes with a cookbook

You will also enjoy the cookbook that comes with the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry. With this, you will be able to make a few more recipes rather than what you are used to. Moreover, you can get the online recipe book as it includes many ideas for a variety of meals you can try out during the holidays.


​​​​One of the things that most people will find undesirable about the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry is the fact that it doesn’t allow the user to have complete control over the cooking temperature and the time for the cooking. This in itself is not so much but the thought of using it as a dial on, dial off kind of machine makes me think it can do better. However, the fact that you can easily cook all kinds of fried foods and still retain their delicious tastes is a desirable quality about the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry.

Generally, the Delonghi FH1130 MultiFry is an incredibly superb fryer. If your body reacts negatively after consuming too much oil, you’d want to try this unit since it uses a very low amount of oil to produce tasty chips.