Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer

When buying the Morphy Richards Accent Deep fat fryer, you need to take into consideration the following factors so that you can evaluate the model holistically:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Features
  • Ease of Use

As far as quality is concerned, the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 is the best deep fat fryer, made from stainless steel material, and comes with a removable oil container and a cord storage compartment. As for its performance, you will establish by the end of this review that the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 has an average performance. While most people find this fryer to be quite helpful in getting their food done, I feel that it has failed to live up to the brand’s excellent ratings as far as ratings are concerned.

This model is one of the most intuitive and aesthetically pleasing fryers that one will ever come across. If the design is your main factor of consideration, then you won’t go wrong by choosing the Morphy Richards Accents 45083. Although this fryer might take up a significant amount of space when placed on the countertop, you will be able to match it with the rest of your decor. It might even stand out from the rest.

Outstanding Features of the Product

If there are no features on a deep fat fryer, you will just have a metallic bowl strapped to a small oven with a cord. You probably might be able to boil water in it or even cook rice, but anything beyond that is impossible. This is why it is essential to know some of the features of a product before making the buying decision. Fortunately, the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer does not lack good features. It has an assorted number of features that reduce the hassle in frying and cleaning afterward.

Stainless Steel:

The deep fryer is made from a stainless steel, has a 3L oil capacity and 1kg food capacity. Because this is a stainless steel, you should expect to derive many service years from it without rusting. It is better than plastic because you don't have to worry about the presence of chemical substances getting into your food or the fryer getting roasted after a couple of times of usage.

Variable Temperature Control:

The unit features a variable thermometer control (150-190 degree C). This feature is not unique to the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 because several fryers in the market have it. With this, you can set the appropriate temperature for the food you are cooking at any given moment. Some foods require a higher degree to be cooked perfectly, while others such as fish, etc., will cook to perfection at a lower temperature. The presence of a wide range of temperature variation is so you can use this model with several of your favourite recipes.

Pros and Cons of the Morphy Richards Accents 45083

Handles are Cool to the Touch:

Because we just discussed temperature, we will naturally want to touch the design of the handle. Whether you are a professional chef or not, accidents happen and you do not want to be on the receiving end when they do. Accidents aside, as a cook, you may get clumsy with your hands and maybe accidentally or intentionally touch the cooking appliance. Fortunately, we can rock the boat of the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer as the handles are cool to the touch. This means that the handles will just stay normal all through the cooking period. This means you can lift it while your food is going through a high-temp and not get burnt.

Large Food Capacity:

Fryers with food capacities of 1 kg and above are preferable compared to their smaller counterparts. While this may be a personal preference, it should actually influence your purchase if you are buying to prepare food for a large family. Even though I'm a single entity, I still prefer to have something with at least 1kg of cooking capacity so that I can crank out a lot of fried goodies at once. This should go well with you too if you have this kind of preference.

The Bottom of the Fryer is Non-slip:

This term refers to the stability of the fryer while in use. It doesn't slip so it can be stable, safe and comfortable to move around on your counter top. I don't imagine you will be moving the unit so frequently, but this can be very useful when you mistakenly push or hit it by accident.

Easy Organization:

I will also like to mention that this unit has its own removable lid, control panel, and tank. Good news because washing will be a straightforward task. It also has a cord storage compartment. These features make cooking hassle-free by enhancing the cooking environment to look neat and tidy. With the cord storage, you can roll up the cord and pack it in there before storing it in the cupboard, or wherever you prefer, and in case it stands on your counter top, it will be elegant because the cord is invisible.

Disadvantages of the Morphy Richards Accents 45083

The Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer’s ease of use is downright disappointing. If you have tried other fryers, then you will admit that this fryer does not give you total freedom when cooking. For instance, while other fryers would allow you to put your food in, set the timer, and go on your way until you are alerted you when your food is ready, this unit actually would have the lid open when you are cooking. Because it doesn't stay put, steam escapes and the oil may bubble over. To prevent this, you may have to hold down the lid with your hands.

If you have a lot of time and your children do not get involved in the cooking, the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer might be a good bargain. However, if you are a large family, stripped of time or busy, you may be disappointed with this aspect of the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer. This is because not only will you have to deal with the smell but also act as a guard at some point.