Russell Hobbs Fryer

Looking to get your taste buds satisfied? Then a deep fryer can go a long way in helping you. You can sit down at home and prepare your own dried food instead of ordering a takeout which can be quite involving and expensive especially if you make it a regular habit. The Russell Hobbs 24580 is quite a handy kitchen appliance both for people who live on their own and small families. It offers a decent capacity for you to explore your cooking expedition. As if that is not enough, you get to enjoy perfectly cooked food that is both great-tasting and succulent.

Brand and Product Review

Other than the Russell Hobbs 24580 preparing crunchy chips, it also has great looks that should complement your current kitchen décor without a problem. This fryer comes with temperature control and a classic black finish, which is good for keeping the aesthetics of your kitchen spot-on. You can use it to fry your onion rings, potatoes, and crisps to perfection. You will be able to fry 1.5 litres of succulent food and with its large 3.3L oil capacity, your food will be tastier than ever. With its 1.2kg food and 3.3L oil capacities, the Russell Hobbs 24580 - which measures 3.9 x 26.5 x 25.6 cm and weighs 3.6kg - is one of the roomy fryers on the market.

If you have a small family, the Russell Hobbs 24580 lets you prepare enough food for the whole family without having to go through the stress of making several serving batches. And to make sure each cooking is easy, simple and fun; it comes with a timer that ensures you don't engage in the boring aspects of cooking. It easily comes apart so that you can easily reach all the corners when you are washing it. Although the whole process might look complicated at first glance, you will quickly get up and running once you understand the mechanism behind the fryer. 

This digital packaging comes with 2 filters, rise and fall basket, and instruction booklet with frying guidelines and various butter recipes. This fryer is very simple to use and heats oil quickly. The benefit is that you don't have to learn any particular techniques other than reading the manual and trying out the different recipes provided. After trying a few times, you should have developed your own techniques that will help you get your own chunky crisps that will taste just the way you like them.

Outstanding Features of the Russell Hobbs 24580

Digital Timer:

The Russell Hobbs 24580 fat fryer comes with a digital timer that can help you remove the stress of cooking especially during those times you are busy. This is a handy feature considering that many people often desire to eat something but they can’t because they are busy. Busy schedules along with the thought of having to spend time cooking may discourage you from preparing food at home and you end up considering a takeout. However, with this feature, you can set the timer on the fryer and completely forget it while fully engrossed in your current activity and will still come back to a perfectly dried chips.

Non-stick Bowl:

The bowl on this unit is also non-sticky and non-removable. Since food will not stick to the bottom post-frying, cleaning will be easier and faster. And whenever you want to check the progress of your food, you can do that through the open viewing window without opening the lid.

Variable Temperature:

You can also cook all your food to your desired taste with the variable temperature on the Russell Hobbs 24580 fryer. This nifty feature ensures that you cook everything with the optimal temperature, which is what determines whether your food will be sweet and crunchy, crispy and tasty or dope and rough. You don't need extra oil to get the best taste. With the optimal temperature set, the fryer circulates oil evenly throughout the item such that you can dip into it straight without worrying about pushing pounds.

Rise and Fall Basket:

The fryer also comes with a rise and fall basket which takes the stress out of accessing your food. I don't know about you, but if I can save a few minutes every time I cook with a fryer because of a feature like this one, I'll buy it.

Pros and Cons of the Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer

It is Durable:

Durability is a crucial aspect that one should always consider before making a buying decision. The brushed stainless steel and black styling ensures that you get enough services of this fryer all year round. Of course, you have to be able to afford it before buying it but if it's not durable, you will either spend twice replacing it or buy another one which will definitely set you back a few pounds.

Assistive Features to Take Away the Boring Aspect of Cooking:

You don't have to handle the lifting as the lifting system in place takes care of all that. The adjustable thermostat temperature control ensures you are frying food at their optimal temperature and the light indicator tells you when power is on and the oil is ready.

Touch-friendly Surface:

The sides of the fryer are also cool to the touch so that clumsy hands don't get burnt when accidentally touching the fryer when it's in a high-temperature state.

Easy to Use:

Navigating and operating the unit is quite easy since you know when the fryer is on and it’s ready to cook.

It is Easy to Clean the Russell Hobbs 24580 Fryer:

All the parts are also removable so that you can make washing and cleaning as simple, quick, and hassle-free as possible.

Cooks a Variety of Recipes:

You can customize the degree up to 190 degrees with the adjustable temperature dial, which makes sure that you get everything specified to your preference. This includes frying variety of foods such as chocolate bars, meat, potatoes, fish, and other favorites the way you like it.

Drawbacks of the Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer

Despite the fact that this fryer is very big, the basket that accompanies it is actually small. This means that preparing only one batch may not be enough at times especially when there are guests around.

General Overview

However, if you are buying this for yourself or two people, then the basket should serve you gallantly. Even when using with family, you shouldn’t need more than two batches to get the desired size you need.